Thursday, June 13, 1985

Louis Wearing Grey Hat

Friday, February 1, 1985


I found Louie in approximately 1985, running down E. 14th Street in Oakland near the Coliseum. He had a chain collar and was dragging a shredded rope. He was about 35 pounds and a dark brindle.

At the time, I was living nearby, so I brought him home to meet the other dogs. He was very friendly with my dogs, Chessie and Prezo, and he was very friendly with me. However, over time he proved to be unpredictable with other animals. He would lunge at other dogs, and eventually killed a kitten, which was the final straw for me.

I was in an environment where I took my dogs to work and everywhere else with me, so I could not have that kind of a liability. I neutered him hoping that might reduce the problem, but he continued being aggressive and unpredicatble with other animals.

I eventually found him another home that did not take him everywhere and was more house bound.